Types of Rental Property Inspections and When You Need to Do Them

Types of Rental Property Inspections and When You Need to Do Them

California laws require that landlords keep rental properties in acceptable living conditions for their tenants. You can stay compliant with the right to habitable living environments by completing rental property inspections.

This implied warranty can keep you and your residents safe. You cannot waive this right in Menifee, California.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of rental property inspections that can help you stay compliant with this law.

Move-in Inspection

A move-in inspection is one of the most common rental property inspections to complete, in addition to a move-out inspection. When you have a new tenant, both of you should complete this inspection together.

This allows both parties to make notes about the condition of the property. You can take pictures of the rental as well for an accurate record of what the unit looked like before the lease started.

Move-Out Inspection

During the move-out inspection, you will use your inspection checklist and photos from the move-in inspection to compare property conditions.

Problematic tenants might have caused property damage. Take pictures and videos of this damage to use as evidence to support your claim. You can withhold some of the tenant's security deposit to pay for these damages.

Landlords cannot legally use the security deposit for normal wear and tear in Menifee, California.

Routine Inspection

Quarterly inspections are routine for any landlord. You can use this time to ensure tenants are respecting your rental property.

Routine inspections can confirm that tenants are following their lease terms. From verifying only tenants on the lease are living there to ensuring there are no unauthorized pets, these inspections can add a lot.

These inspections are also a great way to determine when it's time for scheduled maintenance. You can note repairs that require your services that tenants might not be aware of.

Consider implementing a tenant portal where your residents can request maintenance so that repairs can be completed quickly.

Drive-by Inspection

A drive-by inspection is an informal inspection that allows landlords to monitor their property. Even though you aren't entering a tenant's unit with this type of inspection, you can't complete them all the time.

Tenants have a right to privacy and quiet enjoyment. Excessive rental property inspections, including drive-by inspections, can disturb residents.

Unlike other inspection types, you don't have to provide tenants notice for a drive-by inspection. Take note of the exterior condition of th property and keep driving around other areas of the property.

Rental Property Inspections for Landlords to Complete

If landlords in Menifee, California, want to keep their property in good condition, completing these rental property inspections can help.

Move-in inspections, move-out inspections, routine inspections, and drive-by inspections are all necessary if you want to protect your investment.

At PMI Warranted, our professional team of property managers can handle rental inspections for you. With over 17 years of experience managing investment properties, we are well-versed in the local laws.

Our licensed experts are ready to partner with you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.