The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

Did you know that there are about 358,000 neighborhoods in the United States that have HOAs?

These organizations tend to serve their communities and take care of their needs. However, there needs to be a qualified leader to help run it.

That is where an association manager comes in. Ones representing a property management company tend to take care of up to 70% of the HOAs in the country.

So, what can an association manager do for you? These are some of the biggest responsibilities they have.

Enforcing Community Policies

One of the biggest things an association manager does is enforce community policies that have been put in place. In some circumstances, they may even consult an HOA board on what policies need to be added.

The association manager tends to be both an enforcer and a mediator when it comes to these policies. They can handle any disagreements that neighbors may have as well as push for compromises when there is no clear rule.

However, they will also be the ones to enforce rules that keep the peace. An example of this is prohibiting noise after 10 p.m.

The association manager is typically the person who has to remind a loud neighbor about this rule. If they fail to listen, it may even result in a fine.

Managing Association Fees

Another thing that an association manager can do for your HOA is help manage all of the association fees. They can take a look at your books and let you know how much money is coming in and out of your community every year.

This could also be a good opportunity to see if your HOA board is charging enough HOA fees. An association manager can factor in every need that the community has and how much it costs.

An example of this is community maintenance. If an HOA is responsible for the exterior of a home, you may have to make sure four percent of the home's value annually is covered by HOA fees for this.

Handling Vendors

Finally, an association manager can help the HOA find vendors and handle negotiations for these services. First, you will have to determine what vendors you need for your community.

These vendors include but are not limited to a landscaping company, a waste management company, a pool service, a roofing contractor, and more. The association manager can vet these vendors as well as determine the appropriate amount to budget for each.

Hire an Association Manager

These are some of the biggest benefits your community receives when you hire an association manager. This is someone who can provide their expertise and help make your life easier.

One of the best companies you can find an association manager is PMI Warranted. We are a property management company that has over 17 years of experience. This not only includes helping customers but also managing our own investment properties.

No matter what type of homes you are working with, we can help you with your needs.

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